Friday, April 4, 2008

Sondlinger SOS

To the person who emailed this (see below)-- could you please send a contact email so we can try and connect you to R. Sonderling's relatives. (You said Sondlinger, but did you mean Sonderling?) A number of months, a granddaughter of R. Sonderling, Diane, also came across our post and also DID NOT LEAVE A WAY FOR US TO CONTACT HER.

"I just came upon this article and photo about my grandfather, Rabbi Jacob Sonderling. Do you have any other photos or information? By the way, he also commissioned a musical piece by Eric Korngold. The Toch music,The Cantata of Bitter Herbs is now on CD. Thanks, Diane"

Wouldn't it be great to connect you two? We hope we can help!

"My name is Daniel, I live in Los Angeles. I have a photo like the one shown above including additional relics, letters and materials that Rabbi Sondlinger left with my grandmother just prior to his death. They were placed in a time capsule with instructions not to be opened until 50 years after his death. It was discovered while renovations were being done at my grandmothers house. I figured that he had no living decendants."



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Diane Sonderling Gray said...

To Daniel who is looking for the granddaughter of Rabbi Jacob Sonderling: I am in L.A., my last name is Gray: email: