Sunday, March 2, 2008


Of course, this casting of Moshe at the burning bush is impossible.  The Torah relates that Moshe had already mortally struck the Egyptian and confronted the two warring Israelites and met Tzipporah at the well.  But it certainly is fun to imagine the innocence of this Moses transposed to the one in the Chumash.  And it is fun to imagine Moshe in the Chumash getting excited and giggling when he is told to take off his shoes, so as to not tread on holy ground.

Jeff Tweedy's lyrics are like a challenge: "Theologians don't know nothin' about my soul" and I admit that at times it feels like the poets, musicians, and artists seem more in touch with whatever that soul is than the theologians who try and describe it.  Especially to we modern  Jews who seem to have lost our metaphysics.  But that block we find when we want to talk about doesn't mean we should stop trying to touch the soul-- or touch deep emotions that one might describe as "ensouled."  Perhaps "soul" is not a thing, but a destination.  As theologians we can create art too, if that is the language that helps to us get there.


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