Tuesday, March 18, 2008

video worth watching

http://view.break.com/470052 - Watch more free videos

Last year, I did a sermon about this count the basketball pass exercise and people wanted to know where they could see the video. This was not the original I referred to, but one just like it. Take a look.

The sermon had to do with Boaz's ability to see Ruth even though he was not accustomed to seeing her. Josh Millstein had pointed out how Ruth was also shocked that he paid attention to her, not surprised by his kindness but that he had even taken notice-- in the verse where she experiences his kindness, the verb "to see" is repeated as if to emphasize that this was the miracle that had befallen her. Boaz was in a position himself, having taken care of everything in his world, to be able to reach out to others. But he first had to have trained himself to see the opportunities to do so. There are some who try not to look at things that they don't want to exist in their world, and there are others who look for places to extend their kindness.

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